Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009
Thanksgiving Memories
God has such sweet surprises in store for His children. Last night, on Thanksgiving Eve, I thought about this day and wondered just how difficult it might be for me. However, the first thing that entered my mind when I awoke was heaven's banquet table, where Roy is now privileged to feast. Today, he will be tasting eternity's fruit of the spirit in all its full glory. I wish I could sit beside him, but he is not far from me today. I will see him in the voice of our sons, see him as I touch our grandchildren's faces, and touch him through the happy memories God is liberally giving me this morning. I am not sad today. How can I be? The thought of Roy's complete healing rises in me with such thanksgiving because I know that, if left here, he would still be battling the terrible disease which ended his mortal life. He's enjoying eternity today. He's feasting with Jesus. That brings me so much satisfaction, and I am touched once again with the sweet grace of God. I hope your day is wonderful as you, too, reflect on the truth that "Life is Hard, But God is Good!" Happy Banqueting today to you and yours!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Facing the Giants

Is there a giant of any kind sneaking around in your life...trying to pull you away from the higher good that God has for you? Giants make life hard; God makes life good. We get to choose which we will allow to control our lives. You may be facing a giant of loneliness as this Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, or a giant of rejection or fear. Recognize that these giants love to bother all of us. They dance in and out of our lives with a gleeful step, certain that they can move us away from God's best for us. But we must keep our eyes on Jesus..focused on Him and on His deeper purposes. If you are struggling with Thanksgiving this year, try to make your own "I'm grateful for...."list. At the beginning of each day, read the list to God. Just this simple exercise will take you from worry to worship. Look up. Your Redeemer has plans, and those plans include you! God bless you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Facing the Battles

I am wondering if you are in a battle today....not with materials of war, but with materials of the heart. Heart battles seek to destroy our joy and take away all that we hold dear. I have watched some go through an intense battle of the heart and come out victorious, refusing to allow the battle to gain a victory. Others go through with a defeated spirit from the onset. They believe they have lost before they even begin. Part of our daily victory includes a positive attitude about whatever life has handed to us. Our days will not always move smoothly, but God is so kind, loving, and merciful. Whatever you are going through today, God has not turned away.Talk to Him about your heart battle, and watch Him move to the front lines in your behalf.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lessons From the Fall

Fall reminds me that God loves beauty. He has been busy painting the leaves here at my home and dropping them on the ground for me to enjoy. He whispered to the wind to persuade the pine cones to fall, and he turned the dial on His weather clock to "cooler." He wakes up the sky in the morning a little earlier now and puts the day to sleep much sooner in the evening. Each morning,He places light from the sun in just the right places on my living room floor so that when I arise, my first look is one of His golden sun sparkling across my rug and falling on the pine floors. All of this for free! Amazing! Simply amazing! And yet, I can get too busy to notice, too pulled in so many directions that I cannot pull close to his beautiful creation. Thank you , Lord God of the universe, for the beauty of this season. Don't let me miss it. Help me not to miss it. Amen.

Friday, November 6, 2009

On the Mountains

Mountains are good for breathing in the fresh air God has made that new day. On the mountain top, we see things from a different view. We see the tops of trees and sunlight blessing our view. God gives us mountains to remind us that there have been valleys. Our low places make us appreciate the high places. Perhaps you are in a valley of some sort. A sudden shock of betrayal; a deep disappointment; a wounding. Sit down in your valley, and let God sit down by you. Tell Him how you feel. Hold His hand. Look into His heart. After you've talked together, let Him walk you on to the mountain. You don't have to stay in the valley forever.